What I would look for if I were hiring a realtor!

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What I would look for if I were hiring a Realtor
In every business Real Estate included there are many ways to do business and build a business.  In my field, if I were a seller what would I look for in an agent?  Well first off I would look for value in what the agent is offering.  Value not meaning COST, but value in what will the outcome be for me. Outcome being whatever the reason I need or want to sell is the agent equipped to meet my goals.  You may be in a distress situation and HAVE TO SELL or relocating in another area or state and need resources for that.  What ever the situation that would play a huge part for me.  The biggest thing for me would be trust.  Do I trust this person will NO MATTER WHAT have my best interest at heart, even if that is not the best for the agents personal interests.  Again that does not always mean money.  Will the agent tell me the truth from pricing the property, how it shows down to telling me it PROBABLY will net me more money to wait a year to two to sell.  WHATEVER is better for me and not the agent!
I would expect loyality. Its like a family. My wife and I may disagree and fight on something in our house but when we go out in the public we will have a united front.  If I set my home at $500,000 I expect my agent to his or her best to get me the best possible price, NOT do like this:  AGENT: I know the price is $500,000 but just write the offer for $490,000 I am sure my seller will accept that!  Happens all the time. In my opinion agent is doing seller a disservice and working in his or hers best interest not the clients.  If in the future you have a real estate need and are looking for an agent with qualities like above contact The Elgin and Pilar Walker team.  These are not goals for us. THEY ARE STANDARDS!
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Praful Thakkar
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elgin walker - loyalty should always be #1 thing to look for in everyone, isn't it?

Mar 21, 2017 10:55 PM
Elgin walker

I do not disagree with that

Mar 21, 2017 11:01 PM
Mick Michaud
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Client's first.  It's in the ethics standards and required by Texas law as I'm sure it is for licencees in other states.

Mar 24, 2017 09:42 AM