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About 2 weeks ago I started wearing a watch again after about a year of not wearing one.   I realized one day that I was depending on my cell phone to simply tell me the time of day.  Why is this a problem?  Well, for most, it's probably not, but for me it was becoming one!  I readily admit that I am easily distracted.  It really doesn't take a whole lot. 

Obviously it is very important that I be on time for scheduled appointments. You  would certainly think that with reminders on the phone, alarms etc. that I would not constantly be scrambling to make it to an appointment on time, yet, I found myself constantly running late!  WHY?  Well, because of my phone of course! 

I would set reminders to ensure that I got out the door so that I was not only on time for a meeting, but to actually be a little early or to allow a buffer for traffic, etc.  These reminders were doing their job, but as the reminders alerted me I would of course grab my phone to see exactly what the reminder was for, AND THEN, I would see a notification!! 

A text, a tweet or a Facebook notification.  It would only take a second to check it, right?  NOOOOOO not true!  These notifications were costing me precious time.  Each of these notifications led me to more and more texts, tweets or news feeds.  So now, this second it should have taken to check them out quickly has made me 15 minutes late.  I told you, I'm easily distracted.

So now I still set the alarms on the phone, but before I pick the phone up, I check my watch.  That generally is enough to remind me of what appointment I have upcoming and it has been keeping me from using the phone for other than the audible reminder to get prepared to leave for my meetings.

So, if I don't respond to your text or tweet and don't comment on your latest Facebook post, just know it's not personal. I simply can't risk the distraction. 


-Charlene Perry, CLTP





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