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Niagara on the Lake Realty - Open House Tips

As a real estate agent with many years of experience, I’ve found that hosting an open house is an excellent way to draw potential home buyers to a property. In every open house I set up, I try to allow for a more relaxed atmosphere that allows viewers to feel more at ease and comfortable in the home, making it more likely that they’ll make an offer on your property.

When setting up an open house, I try to make things as easy as possibly on both the buyers and you, my client. However, before deciding on hosting an open house, there’s a few things I’d like to tell you. Keep reading to learn some tips for hosting an open house that will be sure to help you sell your property.

1. Go to Other Open Houses

The first step I take to set up a successful open house is to scope out the competition and get an idea of the local market, and you can do this too. Go on some field trips and check out other open houses, paying special attention to how the homes are staged and any key points that potential buyers like or dislike. Don’t worry, you are not crashing their party, only giving other homeowners more opportunity to show off their own hard work.

2. Make a Description Sheet

Next up on my list of open house tips is to make a sheet for your home that describes your house and property in great detail. Most home buyers I’ve worked with want as much information as possible about houses they’re considering, and a description sheet serves this purpose exactly. Include specs, appliances and amenities that will remain with the home, and any upgrades that might be enticing to home buyers. Does your home have a cool history? This sheet is a great place to get the story out.

3. Dress Things Up with Staging

Oh, staging. This is what a lot of home sellers dread doing when it’s time to sell. What if your decor skills are subpar? Don’t worry, as long as your home is bright, happy and clutter free, it will be beautiful. When you work with an expert realtor like me, I can walk through your home and give you staging tips that will make your home shine when it comes time for the open house.

4. Market Your Home

Marketing is probably my number one priority as a realtor and it’s something you should also focus on when trying to sell your home. Get the word out there about your open house by using social media resources like Facebook. Make a post and create your own personal hashtag for your property and have your friends and family share it online. In addition, make signs to put out by the roadways near your home and pass fliers around the local area.

5. Be a Good Host

Lastly, but most importantly in my opinion, be warm and friendly. Graciously show your property and make your potential buyers feel at home. It could be your bright smile that is the ultimate selling point for your home.


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Open Houses can be Excellent Business 

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