FHA Mortgage Loan East Baton Rouge Parish

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FHA Mortgage Loan East Baton Rouge Parish

With most of Baton Rouge ineligible for the USDA Rural Development Loan that takes 0% down financing, the best backup plan for a low down payment with less than perfect credit is a Federally Backed FHA Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan.

The FHA Mortgage Loan is NOT a First Time Homebuyer loan. It is for anyone who wishes to use the loan.
Current FHA Loan Limits in East Baton Rouge Parish, LA as of this writing is $275,665

The FHA Loan is a little more forgiving to bruised credit. And doesn’t hit you in the rate as hard as conventional for lower FICO Scores.

Basic qualifications:
1. 2yrs work history in the same line of work(can be multiple jobs)
2. Decent credit. Clean the last 12 months
3. Charged off accounts and collections do not need to be paid off to qualify
4. Money for down payment and closing costs(can be a gift from a family member)

If you have questions about whether you qualify for an FHA Loan…. Or just want to chat about home buying.
Call The LouisiaLoanGuy, Tom Burris today!!
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