Why are you so expensive? Can you work cheaper?

Home Builder with B/P Services Group, Inc

Today we are hearing that from homeowners, Realtors and everyone in between.  "you know, it's not 2004 anymore". 

In today's competitive market, we as contractors are faced with working within thin margins as we all know by reading the papers and watching TV.  I am not telling you anything earth shattering.  The prices of building materials, gas and overall expenses have gone up dramatically thanks to "you know who".  

The result?  Layoffs, bankruptcies and dramatic business decline.  What we see happening is workers getting together and competing with contractors.  They have the homeowner pull the permit (if needed) and they perform the work.  Great!  We just saved a ton of money...  WRONG!  You just committed a felony in the State of Florida.  It's called aiding and abetting an unlicensed contractor.  Someone gets hurt on your property and who is liable?  YOU, the homeowner can and most likely be sued.  Think the unlicensed contractor will care about finishing your job?  Think he'll return your call?  Start crying to G-D!

As a licensed and insured contractor becomes the minimum requirements, quality get pushed to the side until the job is over and the owner looks back at the whole ordeal with great disappointment.  What people seem to be looking for is a cheap price with no regard for a quality job. 

If you live in South Florida and want a quality job with a professional general contractor who is committed to customer satisfaction, then B/P Services Group, Inc should be the one you do business with.  The quality of work, the neatness of our jobsite, the responsiveness to the overall job is unmatched by anyone in the business.  Those who know the difference will hire B/P Services Group.

I posted this blog in the same tone as a previous Realtor who was asked to refund her commission 50% back to the homeowner.   Yes it is not 2004 anymore, we all know that.  We are all sacrificing and doing our best to keep our heads above water.  We are all in the same boat.  Things cost money and "Johnny Fornothing" went out of business.

Keep your heads up people!  Good things are around the corner...Best of Luck!

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