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Woodstock Park

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The Woodstock neighborhood offers a lot of charm for new home buyers- this neck of the woods has an appeal that just seems to outweigh other areas of Portland. And a part of that spell is cast by the fact that it doesn't feel like The City. Woodstock is a sweet and friendly neighborhood that pays no mind to the bustle going on outside of it. No massive apartment buildings or loud, crowded streets- this place just that doesn't take notice of the growing city around it.



One great assets contributing to this quaintness is Woodstock Park, spanning 14 acres and extending from 47th to 50th Ave. Offering a large off-leash dog area, paved paths, and picnic tables, it's a gathering place for local residents in the warmer and colder months alike. The beauty is that it gives home owners a sense of community just like the small, rural town, while remaining conveniently within the city. This park is so loved by the residents that it often feels more like an extension of a communal backyard than it does a city park.