WARNING! The Real Cost of Solar Energy

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Warning Solar Energy



Salesmen tell you that using Solar Energy is a great way to save tax dollars and that it's a sustainable and renewable source of energy. Saving money and being environmentally-friendly are both great things and the salesmen are being truthful when they say you can do both by switching to Solar. There are, however, a few things that aren't always considered into the original pitch on the sale of Solar Energy that everyone should be aware of.

Here at RE/MAX NOC we had a listing with a client that wasn't aware that when they purchased the solar that they'd be selling their home 3 years later. None of the prospective buyers found the lease on the solar panels appealing and the home couldn't be sold until the sellers themselves paid it off. The real cost of solar for our clients ended up being $57,000. They didn't end up saving any money from the solar purchase that they made and served as a huge warning to not purchase it again.

Going Solar can be beneficial but is not always the case. Please be careful! The switch to Solar Energy might not be as bright of a decision as you'd think!

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