Pipedrive as Real Estate Crm

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX SL 3397530

( Update 2018) Note this crm may be great for many I am currently using One Page Crm which I pay for myself and Contactually which is broker provided, review here  Contactually Real Estate Crm Review



for review of ONEPAGECRM    One Page Crm Review



Top 10 things I look for in a REAL ESTATE CRM


1. I want Simplicity and Clean modern look

2. A great Contact Manager and Note Taker

3. Great Pipeline and Contact types Visualization

4. Customization

5. Good Price

6. Universal Note Searching

7. Awesome Tagging and Filtering

8. Mail Chimp Integration

9 Email Merge

10 Click to Dial skype or hangouts calling



 Below some screen shots and how Pipedrive measured up to what I am looking for.





Another beautiful Screen Shot of a Report

I have not filled it in but will show all of your prospecting type activites in this graph view


Pipedrive reporting crm


 In the End here is my For and Against Pipedrive for my REAL ESTATE CRM



1. best note taking of any application I have evern seen!! Uses a yellow background like a legal pad and you can bold type and format your notes! You can Pin the Note to the top, 

Very useful enlarging or shrinking notes, attach files and describe them, traveling salesman mapping, auto google maps address infill

Detailed filtering and Universal Search

Good Activity Tracking if you want it.




1. No email merge

2. very focused on deals and organizations with a kanban view, I find that a table, or chart view is much better looking and enjoyable to look at vs an endless Kanban especially if you are trying to get a view of what types of contacts you have like Past Client or Where they came from like Cold Calls. Much better options available

3. The Tag view is great as far as you can bury down and isolate the groups you need but confusing.

4. The Activity View is not very Eye Candy

5. Mail Chimp Integration does not exist but you can export which is almost as good

6. Difficult importing and exporting as you need to split first and last names and deal with the address compared to other Crms


As a Real Estate Crm the very strength of Pipedrive in its Kanban Deal Views ultimately dooms it for me as a Viable Real Estate Crm

Also sorting of the tags and activity view did not enjoy the flow of it.........






Comments (13)

Joan Cox
House to Home, Inc. - Denver Real Estate - 720-231-6373 - Denver, CO
Denver Real Estate - Selling One Home at a Time

Ron, that does sound good for our business.  I currently use Top Producer, and have for 17+ years.    

Mar 28, 2017 03:04 PM
Ron McCord
RE/MAX - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Residential/Multi Family Sales S. Florida

If you are using it and it works for you that is what matters!

Mar 28, 2017 05:34 PM
Keith Muenze

If you use the phone to close deals, you may want to check out https://www.Kixie.com as well. Then all of your calls will be automatically logged to pipedrive and you get screen pops with links directly to pipedrive for incoming calls.Btw... I work at Kixie so I'm a little biased :)

Mar 30, 2017 01:34 PM
Ron McCord
RE/MAX - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Residential/Multi Family Sales S. Florida

Hi Keith, yes one of the reasons I settled on pipedrive was for the future integration of Kixie so that I can log calls and most importantly drop voicemails! 

The one oh so cool and important thing Pipedrive is missing is Goals for your prospecting, once they have this will be the best of all crm in its price range and I am pushing them to get this done

Mar 30, 2017 01:41 PM
Inna Ivchenko
Barcode Properties - Encino, CA
Realtor® • GRI • HAFA • PSC Calabasas CA

Hi Ron,

great find. 

I hope, you'll continue sharing with us your experience with this CRM.

Mar 30, 2017 04:03 PM
Inna Ivchenko
Barcode Properties - Encino, CA
Realtor® • GRI • HAFA • PSC Calabasas CA

I'm currently with Salesforce and it is too complicated for an individual agent( just my subjective opinion), so I'm looking for a simple solution. Pipedrive sounds good to check it out:) Thanks again for a tip. 

Mar 30, 2017 04:05 PM
Ron McCord
RE/MAX - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Residential/Multi Family Sales S. Florida

Wanted to Update that I do not sue Pipedrive currently, I left it as I had too many databases! I wrote about here, essentially using Google Contacts and Evernote together as my CRM https://realtortech.quora.com/Google-Contacts-as-Crm-1


Aug 24, 2017 10:53 AM
Inna Ivchenko

sue or use?

Oct 09, 2017 04:08 PM
Manu Singh

Hi nice tips, but for pipedrive specifically, I haven't figured out when to indicate a win as I'm moving through stages. If you say a win before showings start and after the buyer contract is signed - when you hit win, the deal disappears and I don't get to see it through the remaining 3/4 stages (ie offer, conditional, post deal paperwork etc). Anyone have tips on the specific stages and when to buy win?? Thanks!

Aug 27, 2017 06:50 AM
Inna Ivchenko
Barcode Properties - Encino, CA
Realtor® • GRI • HAFA • PSC Calabasas CA

I see you did not try liondesk. 

I'm currently trying it, so far so good. Much better comparing to my previous very complected one. 

Oct 09, 2017 04:09 PM
Ron McCord
RE/MAX - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Residential/Multi Family Sales S. Florida

Did not try it...............let me know how you like it after you give it a long trial run!

Oct 09, 2017 04:32 PM

am looking at pipedrive for real estate, i love the simplicity of drag and drop and deal rott and integration with Kixie. I have got my head around where I keep the 2000 contacts on my prospect list before they are active deals do they stay in the first column or do I add them in from other crm as they have any interest in doing a transaction ? Whats your thoughts.
Surprised you moved so quick after being so keen. Having looked at every single CRM product on the market to I would suggest you should check out VTiger which is an indian product. This has been by far the most comrehensive I have seen with a easy to user interface to customise but you just need the time. Pipedrive just looks so clean..

Oct 11, 2017 01:25 AM

so i just read your other blogg post i think you should definetly check out vtiger as you can run your whole inbox through the crm also and have the app on your phone for the same..

Oct 11, 2017 01:27 AM
Ron McCord
RE/MAX - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Residential/Multi Family Sales S. Florida

Checked Vtiger out, for some reason when I did was not for me

Oct 11, 2017 02:46 PM
Ron McCord

In Fact I am back to my old friends

1. Gsuite

2. Evernote

3. Wizy.io for email merge from gmail

4. Flash Issue for email marketing

I have great follow up, transactions management, property tracking, of course the best phone contact system, universal search, cost everything doing it this way.

5... I have to say Google Contacts ( New Preview version) is very very nice with the labeling, and how fast you can enter addresses, phone numbers and websites and more... Than just copy and past whole thing into Evernote Follow up.... best system so far 

Feb 07, 2018 06:58 AM