It's Bathing Suit Season! And So The Spring Market Begins

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I talk to many sellers about selling their homes.  Many are thinking about selling but want to wait for the Spring Market.  You know, that time when everything is blooming, it is pleasant outside.  Many feel this is the very best time to list and sell their home.  You may wonder what does this have to do with bathing suit season?

I like to think of our Spring Market like I do buying a bathing suit.  Let's take February for instance.  If you wish to buy a bathing suit in January  you will likely have to go online to purchase one.  They are not in the stores yet.  But February brings us Valentines day and Bathing Suits.  A trip to your local Target or other stores will find a small, but quite nice selection of bathing suits.  The stores are starting to set for spring but this is only a teaser.  By the end of March the stores are full of bathing suits for the summer season.  Of course the pools are too cold to use and you really aren't going to tan that early in many of our states but the stores are in full bathing suit season.  By mid June, the bathing suit selection is weak.  There are bathing suits still in the store BUT they are all picked over and really only the boring ones are left in sizes no one wears.  By mid July, early August the stores have put the bathing suits on clearance, put them in the corner and have moved on to another season.

As is the housing market.  In February we start are true spring market.  Inventory is lower because many are waiting until the "spring market" before they want to list.  So listing your home in February is a great time.  You have less competition!    Less homes to choose from means that you may sell quicker for a higher price.  As the end of March approaches more homes begin to enter the market.  This creates more competition and may help your home get lost in the crowd.  By June, many are thinking about vacations, school is out and summertime is filling their time with pools, boats, lakes and oceans.  The market is entering into the fall market by July and therefore the selection of houses may be the left over ones, the ones that did not sell.  By August, school is getting ready to start so many who have wanted to move have already committed or decide to wait another year. 

I love to list houses but love to be strategic in listing.  Of course homes sell year round, but there definitely is a Spring Market.  It is still early enough to get listed and sold and take advantage of this awesome Spring Market.  In Charlotte NC and surrounding counties, our inventory is at an all time low.  Less than 2 months of inventory are on the market currently.  This is the time to consult a real estate professional, get your home ready and list.  



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