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I have been selling real estate 30+ years now, and at a higher level than most. I have been blessed to represent many many clients, sell hundreds and hundreds of homes.  I am asked often why we reach out to help homeowners that may be experiencing a hardship? The market has changed; there are no more short sales, no more families needing assistance. The market is better than ever!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

The reason is simple.  I believe in the GOOD in people and I understand PEOPLE ARE NOT ALWAYS THE PROBLEM. The banks make mistakes, the banks BULLY, the banks DO NOT CARE.  I experienced this personally with a couple of properties of my own (one of the lenders was sued in a class action, the other probably will be soon).  I experienced this with good friends, good clients and MY MOM AND DAD!  You see when people come to me with “stories” unlike some other real estate people I LISTEN and not just HEAR because I KNOW there is a strong possibility the client’s intention was true and the “stories” they have are not far-fetched.  I have personally been there. That is why I believe in people. I understand what is actually happening. I was speaking to a bank representative once helping a family and was informed by the bank rep that it was the banks position to “punish” the homeowner for not making payments and making sure they inflicted “pain” on the homeowner!  These are the reasons we help homeowners that are in distress.

Let’s start with the fact that in some areas I service there are more active homes available for sale today than there were 12 months ago.  Is this a crisis?  No it is not because we are still well below inventory levels of a more “stable” market from past trends and facts.  Prices are up 25% to 30% in certain areas over the last 18 months.  Interest rates are competitive, BUT are rising!  As that happens prices rise, higher prices, higher interest rates and more homes for sale.  That adds up to LESS people that can afford to purchase.  It also means with more homes for sale, buyers do have choices and do not necessarily need to make a decision so quickly.  It also means there are plenty of homeowners currently for sale that if they do not get the price they are asking OR close to it, may owe more on their home than it would sell so they would be considered a short sale.  Some people are BARELY be able to afford their property and could be in trouble with ANY financial hiccup.  If you want someone to look at your situation give us a call and MORE IMPORTANTLY IF YOU KNOW ANYONE STRUGGLING  have them reach out ASAP  www.elginandpilartalkrealestate.com or immediate appointment call my direct line 661.290.3781 WE MORE THANK LIKELY CAN HELP YOU!

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 No matter what you are going through in life it is a temporary condition and it truly is a great life.  God Bless

Elgin Walker

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