Chickens in Teller County, Colorado

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You may be asking yourself, "Can I have chickens in Woodland Park, Colorado? Can I have them in Divide, Colorado...what about Florissant, Colorado?"


Well the answer varies. Chickens are clasified under Domestic Small Livestock, Poultry and Fowl. This term includes rabbits, chinchillas or similar animals; chickens, turkeys, pigeons, and small birds and ducks kept for non-comercial purposes.


Even if the County allows these animals. you still need to check with your Covenants because they will override any County rules.


RR Zone - None are allowed if the lot size is smaller than 2 acres. On lots from 2-5.99 acres, a total of no more than 15 are permitted. On lots that are greater than 5.99 acres, there is no limit.


R-1 and R-1M Zone - On lots less than 1 acre, a total of no more than 4 are permitted. On lots from 1.1 to 2 acres a total of no more than 10 are permitted. On lots from 2.01 - 5.99 in size, a total of no more than 15 are permitted. On lots that are greater than 5.99 acres, there is no limit.


A containment area is required and should be not closer than 50' to any property line.


The following fowl are not allowed in RR, R-1, and R-1M zone districted: roosters, peafowl and any other fowl whose calls are audible over similar distances.


Click Here for the complete Teller County Land Use Regulations.


Visit my Website because I have put in a great deal of work putting information there about whether or not a certain subdivision will allow your feathered friends. If you're still not sure about whether or not your area will allow chickens, give me  a call at (719) 313-3813 or email me at



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