How to Schedule the Perfect Home Tour

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Well, you’ve created a profile here of your dream property, and you’ve taken the time to do some advance scouting here, now you’re ready for your home tour. To give your agent the best chance at success, there are some things you should understand about the realities of scheduling home tours.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of potential properties to your favorite options, it’s time to set up a day to take a look inside. Be sure to let us know as far in advance as possible, a week is usually perfect. It gives the home owners the time to be ready without upending their lives any more than necessary, and we get a chance to map out your tour experience.

  1. Let your agent optimize your tour schedule. Most agents will work with you on day and time, but allowing them to do their job will be the best way to see as many homes at the same time as is practical, to save gas and time.
  • We know our area, and the sellers. We can negotiate viewing times and order to prevent hiccups.
  • We’d also like to show you surrounding features that fit your profile, as time permits. You’re in good hands, we want you to have the perfect house, too.
  • Let us know if there are any hard time constraints, since home tours can take more or less time, depending on the circumstances of the day.
  1. This gives us time to do our research. You’re not just buying a home, but everything that goes around it. If you give us the time, we’ll look into it, we enjoy being thorough, because it gives you a better chance at making the right choice for your family.
  • We’ll check out schools and local amenities. We like to be able to answer questions whenever possible.
  • This is part of our job, and we likely know things about the local community many don’t. If we don’t finding out is a bonus for us, the more we know, the more we can help home buyers like you.
  • Be sure to think ahead and send us any questions you’d like answered, we’ll add it to our research if we can.
  1. Give us honest feedback! We like to be liked as much as anyone, but we need your input. The more we know about your experience, the easier it becomes for us to narrow down our search.
  • Good Real Estate agents know houses. We can assess your concerns. Some are easy fixes, but you may notice something that rules out a house completely, is dangerous, or just needs to be addressed by the seller.
  • Don’t like the house, but love the area? Great! Tell us what you love. We may be able to find other nearby properties, or suggest other areas with similar features.
  • Hate the neighborhood, but love the house? Same thing here. As we learn to work together, we become a stronger team. Most homes are not totally unique, we can locate similar properties in other areas that may suit your needs.

We want this to be a dreaming session!

While we strive to find out what you want, what you can realistically afford, and we educate you about compromises you may need to make, we want you to enjoy this process! Dream a little. You’ll be spending a lot of time here and we want to find the most house we can to fit your resources comfortably. The more advance planning and filtering of properties we can do, the better the chance of us finding the perfect home.

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