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Sample Lesson from Video Course, Investment Analysis

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I’m pleased to release a sample lesson from my online video course, “Introduction to Real Estate Investment Analysis.” This comprehensive course delivers more than 40 lessons and case studies based on my writings and on my teaching at the Columbia University grad school.

From due diligence to discounted cash flow and resale analysis, you'll learn the techniques that seasoned investors use when they explore a potential acquisition:

  • Sample Lesson from Online Video Course, “Introduction to Real Estate Investment Analysis”

    How do you estimate current market value?
  • How do you calculate and interpret key rate-of-return metrics? Which ones matter most?
  • What will your lender look for when you ask for financing? How much can you expect?
  • How do you evaluate a property's long-term potential to meet your investment goals? What are possible warning signs to look out for?

In this sample lesson from the middle of the course, I discuss a metric called equity multiple, and it’s relationship to internal rate of return. View it at https://vimeo.com/211328115

To find out out more about the course, including a complete syllabus, please go to learn.realdata.com

---Frank Gallinelli