How to sell your house for more Money

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The Internet is saturated with ways to sell your home...for more money...quicker than your neighbor...

Well, everyone that I know isin agreement with the few things one must do to sell their home for top dollar.

1.  Cleanliness...In and Out. Clean, Clean and Clean.  Make your home smell fresh.  Do not use a lot of  "smelly" fragrances to cover odors.  Clean and get rid of them.  

2.  Less is more.  If you are not using your stuff consistently on a daily basis, pack it up and store it.  You are going to have to do this anyway when you move, so do it now.  Make your home feel spacious and open.

3.  Get rid of obnoxious colors.  Just because you like hot pink and teal, does not mean the new owners will.  Consider neutral colors.  Sometimes buyers can't see the big picture and need this done for them.

4.  Kennel or remove your pets...especially for showings.  Also, clean up after the house and in the yard.  

5.  Make your home available for agents to show.  Nothing is more frustrating than to call and set an appointment to show a home, and the homeowner says it is just too inconvenient.  If you want to sell your home, make sure it is available.  And, just  know that someone will want to look at it at the most inconvenient time for you that is and say "of course...but please give me a few minutes to tidy up"  Then kick in your super-powers and do an quick pick up.  So much easier when you have already packed up all unnecessary items..

6.  Keep your lawn mowed and trimmed.  Again, Curb Appeal is so important.

7.  As you look around your home..look with the eyes of a buyer.  Would you like this home, or do you see stuff that is not appealing.  If you see something that is not appealing...fix it NOW!

8.  If it is broken...fix it.  Enough said about that.


For more great ideas, I have a booklet available  "450 Ideas to Help Your Home Sell 
Faster.  Let me know if you would like a copy.  I will email it to you.

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