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The Portland Foursquare

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Much like we discussed in our blog about Craftsman homes, the American Foursquare is another architectural style frequently found in the Woodstock neighborhood. Because this locality was plotted and built mostly in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, Frank Lloyd Wright style homes with plain, handcrafted woodwork prevail here.


The square, boxy design of the Foursquare incorporates elements of the Prairie School, with hipped roofs, arched entries, built-in cabinetry, and Craftsman-style woodwork.The large size of these houses (which includes big open bedrooms) and split levels make them homes great for young families that need space to grow. And because the era was focused on durability and quality building materials, the American Foursquare holds up well.


An additional historic note is that these houses are so well known in our city that they are even referred to as Old Portland Style homes. And in the add below you can see there was even a Mail-Order Foursquare called “The Portland”, and most like sold through Sears or Alladin.