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Want to take control of your seller and buyer lead generation and start generating the leads you need to drive your business and income to the next level?

Want to hear other peoples experiences so that you can do it right from the start?

Generating the leads you need to grow your business is only a matter you deciding you are ready for it, and then learning how easy it is.

As you will hear from Realtors below, sometimes it can be intimidating or confusing because you have never done it before. But once you attend a webinar, listen without distractions and keep it simple, you will see how easy it is and how it can change your business.

The first two quotes share success and help you create a vision for what YOU can do with lead generation, follow-up and listings!

The last three share tips for success to help you get going correctly!


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Shannon Pyatt, ERA Wilkerson

I ran across Listings-to-Leads about 5 months ago on Facebook, I checked into it and learned it from top to bottom, I made the ads, ran the ads and took in the leads. Since then I have had to add additional staff to my team, because there are simply too many leads coming in to handle them all. In that short amount of time I have generated almost 1,000 buyer and seller leads with Listings-to-Leads!

Pyatt Home ValueOn average I get about 10-15 seller leads per week and roughly 60-100 buyer leads per week or more!

Not all leads are great, but they are much better than anything I have ever used before, my buyers agents are closing at least 3-5 deals each month just off these leads alone, most of them will leave a good phone number and you can call them and set appointments right away.  I have done all of this with an average of 20 listings, its a no brainer and I couldn't imagine my job being effective without it.


Doug Kwiakowski, RE/MAX Preferred

I have been working Listings to Leads and Facebook Ads since November 2014 and I have 1000+ cold leads and 300+ warm leads (phone numbers and/or emails).

I have already converted 10 of the 300 warms leads into listing appointments and 7 have agree to list with me. Awesome news!

We have been targeting the bigger markets around the Toledo area with the Home Valuation Plus Landing Pages via Listings to Leads.

I will say I was a little hesitant at first. I really did not believe that we would get the results that we have. First day I think we had about 70 leads between 2 Facebook ads.


We are calling or emailing within 2 hours of receiving the lead.

We call or email again within 6 hours after the initial contact and again the following day.

If we do not hear from them, we set them up on a drip campaign through Wise Agent with 7 touches in 4 weeks.

My feeling was they would either ignore me (but remember me), call/email me and start discussing their needs or they will tell me to go away.

Which to date we have had less than 5 contacts tell me to go away. Either way, I have 7 new listings that I probably would not have had if i would had just sat around and waited for the phone to ring.

Paul Kosnor, Keller Williams

I thought I knew Listings-to-Leads pretty well…in fact I train other Realtor’s on how to use it in their business…but I attended the last Listings-to-Leads webinar2014-12-17_19-03-30 and picked up a tip I hadn’t picked up before. 

It was to use a community Facebook page to market the ad, and not my real estate business page.  

So I literally placed the ad 5 minutes ago, and within those 5 minutes I already have 2 partial leads, and 1 full lead with a phone number, with whom I just got off the phone!  Big difference already seen in just 5 minutes from what I picked up on your training webinar.
So thanks for showing me a few tips that made all the difference from just a few leads, to them pouring in within 5 minutes…I hope it continues at this rate!


Paul Kosnor, Keller Williams

I ran a property valuation landing page ad on Facebook to try and get seller leads. I ran the ad in ONE city only, for 3 days, $5 a day, just to try it out. I received 71 partial leads (meaning no name or email) and 12 full leads ($1.25 per full lead).  
So I thought I would try again, and I did a 2 day ad, for $10 a day, but I did several cities within a 30 mile radius. I had poor results, only 4 partial leads, and no full leads.
My results with the second ad leads me to believe you are correct that narrowing down the targeted audience (smaller advertising area) had more powerful affects!


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Nathan Gesner
American West Realty and Management - Cody, WY
Broker / Property Manager

Those are some serious results! It pays to be diligent, Danon Burnside 

Apr 08, 2017 08:51 PM
Praful Thakkar
LAER Realty Partners - Andover, MA
Andover, MA: Andover Luxury Homes For Sale

Nice to see you here Danon Burnside.

This one reminds me of my 'Coming Soon' home...

Apr 08, 2017 10:55 PM
Danon Burnside

Thanks Praful Thakkar!

Apr 09, 2017 09:12 AM