MEGACAMP 2016: THE CAMP | Ep 6 - PressPlay Reality

Real Estate Agent with PressPlay Realty Network of Keller Williams East Valley


You better come prepared to learn and have your mind blown when you go to Keller Williams Mega Camp. I have been attending for the last 5 years and it never ceases to amaze me how much other agents who are killing it - 300, 500, 900 transactions per year, will open up their business and tell you exactly how they did it. 


Every Mega Camp our minds and business grow. Every Mega Camp we see new ways to Think Bigger. Outside the convention there are networking and gathering opportunities everywhere, you just have to go out and plug in. Networking and appearances by Gary Keller, John Morgan, Jillian Anderson, Nikki Jackson, Lori Ballen, Cody Gibson and more.


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Mega Camp is one of the biggest real estate agent conventions in the country, and it is the one convention the PressPlay Realty Network does not miss.

Check out our #FunFlubs as well for goofing around, tongue twisters, and adventures that didn't make it to in our episodes.


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