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When dealing with first time buyers, the question often arises: what is the benefit of a new home vs an old home and vice versa? Here are a few benefits and drawbacks of each that we at the Brasher Group have come up with.

Old Homes


The character. With an old home comes an element of charm and character. Old homes usually have many previous owners that added their own touch to the house. They each tell a different story all combined in one home that every new owner gets to experience.

Larger room sizes. We find that many older homes are built with an emphasis on bedroom size, as opposed to entertainment areas like newer homes. Especially when having kids that share a room, it is nice to have a larger area to fit individual items and have personal space away from main living spaces.


The maintenance. While some people like to take on a challenge, others are not willing to do the work. It really just depends on what money and energy you are willing to put into fixing up and maintaining an older home.

The neighborhood. Dynamics of cities change as population grows and businesses move in. Pretty frequently we see that neighborhoods with older homes tend to be more rundown, yet this is not always the case. This is just a factor to be considered when looking for older homes.

New Homes


New, unique design. New homes offer a fresh and crisp design as opposed to many older homes that have been repainted, remodeled, and added on to. New homes are untouched, ready to be made your own!



Move-in-ready. New houses are also move-in-ready. No work to be done besides bringing in your own furniture and style! This is very attractive to many buyers that do not want to fix and make larger changes to their home.


Construction. Sometimes in an upcoming neighborhood, there is lots of construction! Looking at new homes often means new houses are being built in the area, so work around there can be loud, dirty, and occasionally create packed streets. When looking for a new home, you want to consider what is going on in the area around you and determine how long construction might last and if you and your family are willing to work with it.

Often cookie-cutter homes. Especially when built by a builder based off only a few models, newer homes tend to look alike. With many similarities, there is a lack of individuality among such neighborhoods. Some buyers prefer the individuality that many older homes have to offer.


Whether you are looking to purchase a home or are just interested in learning a few pros and cons of newer vs older homes, we hope that these few comments have helped you to decide on what works best for you. For more information on the homes we currently have listed or for help finding which home fits you best, call the Brasher Group of Keller Williams in Ruston, Louisiana at 318-598-9696. We are happy to assist you!

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