Evening Classes are Necessary

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I am a morning person and have been a morning person my entire life.  My body naturally wakes up about 5-5:30 each morning, and only through practically strapping me to the bed would I ever be able to stay in it until 7:00!  As the owners of TEAM Hughes Real Estate School, Bob and I recognize that we must always remain flexible to accommodate our students.  For some of those students, evening classes are necessary.  We have wrestled with presenting evening classes every year when we begin the task of scheduling, and sometimes it becomes a real challenge.


If you’ve spent any amount of time on our website or Facebook page, it doesn’t take much to figure out that the Florida One-Week Fast Track and the Alabama Two-Weeks Fast Track are our “specialty” classes.  They appeal to a broad spectrum of the student population and we love presenting them because even though they are intense, the task is over in a minimal amount of time.  There are, however, students whose schedules will not allow them to take a Fast Track, so evening classes are necessary for them to accomplish their goals.


The class that ended last night had the dubious honor of being the last evening class available through our school until October.  Recognizing that evening classes are necessary takes a huge commitment on our part because the class runs three weeks.  When we are presenting the Fast Track classes alongside of the evening classes, it’s a real challenge to keep up the pace.  We are continually looking for instructors who will care about our students as much as we do.  Additional instructors would allow us some breathing room and an opportunity to improve existing courses, as well as writing future courses.


Last night’s class included the usual cross-section of students.  We had active duty military, a Pastor, a few investors, restaurant workers, a former law enforcement officer, and even a BMW employee.  The students knew that the evening classes are necessary for them to achieve their goals, and they attended despite being tired, not feeling well and having family commitments.  The air conditioner went out and they persevered.  That took a real commitment on their part, and my hat goes off to them for their perseverance.


Yes, evening classes are necessary and we at TEAM Hughes want to serve the public as best we can.  We know our limitations, however, and with Daylight Savings Time upon us and warm weather at our fingertips, our bodies and our minds have a better chance of refreshing without working in the evenings.  We have postponed our evening classes until October, and we hope students will wait for us, but if they are unable to, we wish them well in attending other schools.  If you want an evening class and your schedule allows you to wait until October, we hope to hear from you soon.  We are here to serve, and we know to serve, we need to be in good shape!  Thanks for understanding!

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