3 Challenges When Selling A St. Petersburg Waterfront Home - and How to Solve Them!

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Are you selling or planning to sell your home in St. Petersburg?


Selling a home is no easy task.


This is a fact that most of my clients from St. Petersburg, who wanted to sell their homes, have realized.


Putting  your home in St. Petersburg up for sale is not as simple as it sounds. Especially when you have an exceptional property, like a waterfront home, and you want to get top dollar for selling it.


There's a lot involved and even more factors to consider before you put a price tag on your waterfront home. Pricing your home is not simply adding up all the values of everything inside it.


Local market conditions, comparables and even time of the year are some of the things that are often overlooked. And once you get through that, you may still encounter other problems along the way.


As a real estate professional from St. Petersburg for over 16 years, I know what you will encounter. Here are some of the challenges you'll face when selling a waterfront home. Don't worry because I'll show you how to solve them too!


1. Knowing the local market condition in St. Petersburg


Have you heard of the terms “buyer’s market” or “seller’s market"?A buyer’s real estate market is one in which the home buyer’s have an advantage over the seller’s.  A seller’s real estate market is the opposite.


When selling a waterfront home in St. Petersburg, you should know what type of real estate market place exists in your area. If your local real estate market is flooded with listings, the probability is that your area is experiencing a buyer’s market.  


This gives home buyers the opportunity to be more selective of the homes they want to look at. It also means there is a great probability that your home will not be looked at.  


This is not the goal when selling a home. Your waterfront home for sale in St. Petersburg should be getting the recognition it deserves!


2. Having to deal with unrealistic home buyers


There are many ways that today’s home buyers are unrealistic. The most common scenario is with the offering price.


There are many potential buyers in the marketplace, who will want to offer the home owner significantly less than their home is worth.


Low balling is a common challenge that home sellers face. You may encounter this problem with buyers interested in your waterfront home for sale in St. Petersburg too.


Many of today’s buyers aren’t interested in doing any work to the home they purchase. They want it to be in mint condition.


3. Maintaining a home that's ready for showing - anytime.


Ask any home owner who is selling (or has sold) their home. They will tell you that preparing a home for showings is a time consuming challenge.


Simple tasks like keeping the rooms de-cluttered or making sure the counter tops are clean are easy. But after weeks of having to do so, it can wear down on a home owner.


Staging your home is a great way of minimizing its time on the market. But after a while, it becomes inconvenient not having all the items that you may use on a daily basis.


What's the solution to all these challenges?


Believe it or not, there's one simple way to get rid of all these problems.


And that's finding and choosing the right real estate professional for you!


If you're a homeowner who wants to sell your home in St. Petersburg, I am here to help you. My knowledge of the real estate market in St. Petersburg is unmatched and my skills, unparalleled.


Want to know 5 reasons to choose me as your professional? Check out my website at www.Estelia.com/about


St. Petersburg has been my home for over 20 years. I know the area! I know the community well and with that knowledge, I am able to help my clients with all of their real estate needs in the area.

Call me, Estelia Mesimer, at 727-686-2859.


Estelia will sell ya!

The Mesimer Team - Service You Deserve from People You Can Trust.


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