Good New for REALTORS in CO! Propsed Compensation Initiavtive DECLINED!

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Proposed Compensation Initiative

Rachel Nance Vice President of Public Policy for the Colorado Association of REALTORS® reported this morning that the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association officially pulled the initiative #109 which would have created a cap on brokerage fees/commissions. In addition, the Colorado Trial Lawyers withdrew the other eight initiative they had filed and the measure that would have capped the Trial Lawyers fees was withdrawn as well. 

"CAR's immediate attention and opposition to this initiative proved to be most effective," said CAR President Greg Zadel. "Our efforts proved that the Trial Lawyers initiative was ill advised and would not be in the best interest of the consumer or the real estate profession."

Truly, the public is who matters most.

But I will be as honest as I can also when saying that my company sends out survey's to all clients that choose to go with Coldwell Banker and close their transactions with us. On a weekly basis we are recognized by our managing broker for outstanding service as confirmed by our clients. I am certain that from my past client sphere- if I went back to any of them and ask "Mr. Smith- based on the marketing, negotiation skills and proper research or market position of your property and after successfully selling or helping you buy your property do you think that me and my staff earned our fee?" I guarantee you the answer would be yes!

As confirmed in a agency relationship agreement we are to be advocates for our clients and promote their interest above our own. We sign our name to that promise and if indeed that fact alone is fulfilled then our clients have won. At the end of the day that is what matters most! The client!


Sarah Solomon

Douglas County Real Estate

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