Why this may be your best opportunity to sell your home!

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The Elgin and Pilar Walker Team

Hey friends the market is very hot right now!  WHAT PRICE IF YOU COULD GET IT WOULD MAKE YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR HOME?  Currently there are STILL more buyers than sellers which allows sellers to have an opportunity to get more money and/or better terms for their real estate. A few things to consider though.

1)      Interest rates will rise and that will have an effect on buyers monthly payments and what they qualify for

2)      Appraisals are ready becoming more conservative which means a home MAY SELL at a price but the bank does not agree on the price so it becomes a BIG problem with closing escrow.

3)      If the above two happen (which they are already) it will have an effect on the PRICE you can get for your home because it will increase competition (and options for buyers).

If you or anyone you know needs any assistance NOW may be the best time in YEARS to consider options AND we MAY be near the top of a SELLERS market. 


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