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Grand Bay Septic Tank Installation Systems Installer.

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 Grand Bay Al. Septic Tank Installation    

You have just found the BEST septic tank installation business in Grand Bay, and Mobile County AL. I only say that because of the extremely satisfied customers that I personally know in Grand Bay and Mobile County.

Mr. Larry Hayes is a native of Grand Bay Al, he started his septic tank installation company in 1975 and has installed many septic tank systems throughout Mobile county Alabama. He knows what he is doing and can install your system within a short time after you hire him. His experience and knowledge of how the septic system works, will give you many years of hassle free enjoyment.

Mr. Hayes is a septic tank installer and offers a full range of comprehensive septic systems, depending on your location and the way your property perks, he will be able to assist you with the right system.

Areas in Mobile County he covers are: Grand Bay, Theodore, Irvington, Bayou La Batre, St Elmo, and West Mobile area.

  • Septic tank installation

  • Mound systems

  • Fill lines installation

  • CALL Larry Hayes at: 1-251-583-4296
  • Tell him The REALTOR sent ya., thanks


Grand Bay Septic Tank Installation Systems and Maintenance Tips

Many people don't think about their septic tanks and systems until something goes wrong. By then, it's already too late, and you need help. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your septic system.


  1. Certain things should NOT go down the drain in your house. Coffee/Tea grounds, eggshells, fat, so NEVER put grease from frying anything bacon/chops/chicken ect., down the drain. Eggshells, OR any food for that matter. You don’t want to send stuff down the drain that can clog or damage your pipes. Egg shells, can create granular waste, so when they meet up with grease, fats and oils, your pipes get clogged, and thus you have a problem! Blocked pipes can lead to blockages in the septic tank. Fats are in substances like shortening, lard and uncooked poultry skin; also dairy products like ice cream, milk, and cheese have them, too. So avoid putting those items in there also. Oils can be found in salad dressings, mayonnaise, olive oil and cooking oil.

  2. Those stickers on certain fresh fruits should be removed before washing so they don’t go down the ––drain pipes. Other important things like dried seasonings, medications, kitty litter, sanitary products, condoms, and paper towels should also be avoided.

    Some products like baby wipes say they are flushable, that doesn’t mean they can’t cause problems in the pipes. When flushable wipes twist and turn in the pipes, catching other materials, they can form a knot that blocks the system. You also be mindful of small soap pieces, cotton balls and makeup with also contain oils.

If you are looking to put in a septic tank system, a mound system or have a problem, you are welcome to call Larry Hayes owner at Grand Bay Al septic tank installation system at: 1-251-583-4296

If you get his voicemail, leave a name and number and he will call you back. He’s probably putting in a septic system somewhere.

The BEST septic tank installer in Mobile County AL.

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