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This has been an interesting month for real estate in Bozeman.  Townhomes and condos have both had a price increase by 18% from March to April and Single Family homes saw a bit of a price decrease this month.  Last month the sold Single Family homes took up 62% (Condos 25% and Townhomes 13%), but this month single family homes were down to 47% and condos were right behind with 30%!  This shows us that more and more people are deciding to purchase smaller homes.  This could be for multiple reasons such as because single family homes are more expensive or because the market is saturated with more first time homebuyers looking for cheaper homes.  Sold homes in Bozeman spent an average of 134 days on the market in February, 84 days on the market in March and in April it was down to just 52 days on the market!  If you are looking to sell, now is a GREAT time as there is a lot of interest! 


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More and more people are deciding to purchase smaller homes.

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