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Ralph Marston once said, “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”  I have not found any better advice for someone contemplating a career in real estate.  Becoming successful as a REALTOR® or real estate agent takes time and effort.  It’s not the type of career one steps into and immediately realizes gain.  There is the occasional sale or listing that initially comes from a family member or a friend, but for the most part, it takes time to plant the seeds necessary to develop a consistent and successful career practicing real estate.


You can make tomorrow better by beginning today.  In addition to the required 63 hours to obtain a real estate license, a new agent must also complete 45 hours of post license training (Alabama requires 60 hours and 30 hours post licensing).  As a new agent, you will be required to attend MLS orientation if your firm is a member, you will no doubt want to sign up for your firm’s training program as soon as practicable, and there is a plethora of ongoing training, sales meetings, lunch and learns, Open Houses, MLS meetings, house tours and networking with your peers.  You might wonder why new agents need to do all this in the beginning.


To make tomorrow better, the more you do today in the practice of real estate, the more benefits that will come about.  A newer agent should have more time to devote to honing his or her skills because the amount of income-producing activities is less in the beginning.  As you gain experience and build a network of followers, you will be called upon to help more and more people.


Getting a real estate license is the first step you’ll take to make your tomorrow better.  It’s an exciting time in your career.  The amount of knowledge that you gain in just 60 hours (which, by the way, are not even clock hours) is amazing.  Some of the information you initially learn will be there for the rest of your career, so it’s important to make the pre-license class time count.  TEAM Hughes Real Estate School has developed its courses to appeal to all types of learning styles.  We use a Power Point presentation, as well as activities that include team efforts and individual student efforts.  We also utilize crossword puzzles to cement concepts. 


We want you to make tomorrow better for you and your family.  When you succeed, we succeed, and it’s an exciting time for us when we have students who come back to us over and over.  Our school is about relationships, rather than numbers.  Our goal as a school is to make tomorrow better for you by offering you top-quality real estate education.  Along the way, our students are recipients of many life experiences that will help them when they began to practice real estate.


We believe our students make tomorrow better for us, so if you would like to partner with TEAM Hughes Real Estate School, let us know and we’ll explore all the avenues available to you.



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Shahar Hillel
Augusta Financial Inc. - Stevenson Ranch, CA
Mortgage Consultant, Loan Officer.

Carrie hello.
I agree. Anything you do today have an affect on the future.
Have a good day.

May 10, 2017 09:09 AM
Carrie Hughes
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School - Pensacola, FL
REI and Lic. RE Broker

Thanks for your input, Shahar!  Hope all is well!

May 10, 2017 10:44 AM