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It has been over a year now since Emma came into our lives.She was 4 months old when a tenant of ours told us they were moving and that we could HAVE their youngest child.At the time we thought it was a joke so we said we would be glad to take her. A day or 2 later here came Emma to our home with a bottle and a blanket. Thinking that the parents would change their minds we did nothing for 3 or 4 days but take care of little Emma. On the 5th day we called Children Services and they told us that as long as the child was ok now and not neglected there was nothing they could do.We have spoken with them 4 more times and were told the same thing.

We have now decided it is time to adopt Emma.Here is where all the problems begin.We have spent lots of money so far and talked to 7 attorney's,and have gotten nowhere fast.Dont get me wrong this blog is not about bashing lawyers as we have some friends that are lawyers and also great,caring and wonder ful people but do not work in family law.Two lawyers so far have taken money up front and done nothing to further the adoption process along.We have attended guardianship classes as told only to find out we didnt need to go there at all. Another waste of time and money.

All we are trying to do is to help a little girl that needs help.She did not asked to be brought into this world nor did she ask to be abandoned by her parents, although it was probably one of the best things to happen to her.

If anyone has a comment or direction we would be very gratful for any and all help, as we dont know where to turn.


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Larry, I can't give you any advise on where to turn, but I can tell you that, as a new grandmother (my granddaughter, Joplin, was born July 31, 2008) that little girl is SO LUCKY to have you and your wife!  I do, however, have a brother in law here in Okaloosa County that works with HRS and foster programs who may be able to offer some guidance.  As this post is from a while ago, let me know if you would like to have me talk to him about what steps you need to take to expedite this process and give this little girl the parents that she deserves.  You and your wife are to be commended for taking her and, from the way it sounds, loving her!

Oct 14, 2008 04:50 PM


     What is the status with little Emma as of now?  I certainly hope your road has become easier and soon you will share with others the trials of adoption or guardianship.  Guardianship seemed to be the most productive route to travel 60 years ago, but sounds as if that may not be the best way today?

     Hope it all works the best for Emma and you. In today's world, a disposable world, so many peoples, young and old are being 'thrown away', blatantly discarded.



Apr 05, 2009 01:48 AM