7 Bullets for Sellers to prepare their home for market

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In this current low inventory market,I thought I'd throw out some helpful hints in the event a homeowner has the thoughts of marketing their home for sale.

-Anything that can be done (that doesn't cost a lot) to enhance the homes appearance, definitely consider doing/ie: fresh paint, carpet clean, small repairs, etc

-declutter/ less is more in most situations

-maintain outside as to have the best possible curb appeal, as sometimes buyers will drive by prior to setting up a viewing

-if home has a fireplace and possible, light it when showing occurs- adversely, if its hot out have AC cranked- it just provides potential Buyer a "good" feeling about the home

-if the home has unique amenities, it doesn't hurt to put post it notes throughout where they are, to draw attention to, or maybe a short write up left on the dining table

-have lights on b4 showing as it helps the buyer's agent to show the home and any good agent will shut off, prior to leaving property

-Lastly, fresh flowers, deodorizers, dehumidifiers in basement should all be considered as to not have any odors that may turn off a potential buyer.

Because of the busy market that is currently occurring- homes are selling! If it is priced right and shows well, it doesn't last!


Happy May!

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