Millington Tn on the rise

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I work all over the midsouth area but primarily work in Millington and Tipton County. I've been dabbling a little in the commercial side in Millington lately. I have a customer that wanted the demographics in the area and I was shocked at some of the numbers I received from the city. I moved to Millington when I was 8 years old and remember it being a city that was based around the navy base. When NAS decided to shutdown, the town was in an uproar wondering what was going to happen to our little country town. Millington became an operations center for the Navy and promised to bring in the higher commands. Even though our population took a hit on losing the training center, the higher commands brought more money into the town. I have watched our little one horse town start to thrive with new businesses coming in everyday. Some of the growth is coming from TIpton County which is one of the largest growing counties in West Tennessee. Tipton has alot to offer with lower taxes and schools that usually rank in the top ten in Tennessee. Can you believe it ---Lowe's even came to Millington and the movie theater came to Tipton County . One of my friends that was working at Lowe's told me that they were shocked with their first year numbers. They doubled their projected profits. I just got the report from City of Millington that the traffic count on Hwy 51N is averaging 42,000 a day. The sales in Millington showed $128,000.00 in retail in the month of February. This coming from a town that used to average about $12,000.00 on a good month. I'm so proud of our little town that now features Lowes, Starbucks,Chili's, Top's Bar-b-que, and on and on. Yeah for Millington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I just wanted to share how proud I am of Millington and Tipton County !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Danny Smith
Candice a Realtor needs to be proud of where he lives and works. We are the caretakers of the land!
May 11, 2007 07:01 AM