How to Sell One More House Per Month for the Rest of the Year

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Maybe you’ve gotten to a decent level of home sales, or maybe you’re still not quite where you want to be. Either way, if you’re a real estate agent, you’re likely hungry for more. It’s not easy giving advice on how to sell more to professionals who commit their careers to selling, but here are a number of things we've seen work for you to consider if you’re trying to up your game just a tad.

Work just a little bit more
If you have a set schedule, expand it by a half hour or hour each day. If working later sounds daunting, then consider getting up earlier in the morning. Consider any unexploited downtime you may have during the day, including when you’re commuting or running errands. Could you take advantage of that time by making calls?

Read up on the latest SEO
Google is constantly updating its algorithms to prioritize certain words and to discriminate against others. If you’re hoping to attract clients by getting them onto your website, you need to understand how to get your site as high up in the Google search results as possible. If you’re operating on what you learned about SEO three years ago, you may be woefully behind.

Go to one more event per week
The circuit of networking events, social clubs and other gatherings are a great source of potential leads. Depending on how much time you have, consider upping your participation in activities that will force you to mix with new people.

Make some calls to friends and family
There is no lead who is more promising than one who is connected to one of your friends or family members. It’s worth it to occasionally remind your loved ones that they could really help you out by referring people they know to your services.

Invest in Facebook ads
If you’ve shaken all the bushes in your network, then it’s time to consider investing more in paid advertising. These days, the best bang for your buck likely comes from online advertising, especially on Facebook.

Ask a veteran colleague for advice
Ask a seasoned agent you know if they can sit down for 20 minutes and analyze your practices. Tell them about what you do on a daily and weekly basis to try to generate leads. The other agent will likely spot something that you aren’t doing or maybe aren’t doing enough of and open your eyes to a potentially profitable change.

Apartment locating is not often a very profitable endeavor, but it pays off in the long-term by connecting you with likely future buyers. Make some calls to some property owners around town to see if you could strike up a commission deal with them for every tenant you direct to them. Then target likely tenants, including young people and students, informing them of the free service you can provide them. A few years down the line, you can help the grateful renters become grateful owners.


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