MOM is the best!


Only fond memories exist of MOM, where do I begin. From my first memories as a little boy getting taken

to Disneyland on a RTD bus to having all my birthdays at Numero Uno pizza in Koreatown. Mom would

always make sure I had everything I wanted. Spoiled I guess to what she could afford and even then Im

sure she would hold off on buying herself something only to buy me something. Coming home from work

to quickly make dinner, always making sure to have seconds for me. "Finish all your food, are you full? I

still have more food if your not full!" I also remember mom taking me to work with her. There was nothing

that could ever stop her from making sure I was all right. Even as I got older mom would always be there

to take my calls when necessary anything whatsoever and mom would drop whatever she was doing to

take care of me. I guess moms can prove to you what true unconditional love is. Mothers day shouldn't

be the only day to reflect on all the good mom has done and celebrate her. Mother should be celebrated

daily! In the end we are who we are thanks to mom. We wouldn't know that ultimate kindness if it weren't

for her. Thank you mom for always being there, from all the little things like making sure I looked good

on my first date, to babying me when sick. I love you and thank you with all my heart for being MOM! 

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