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In 1971, I had a neighbor with two little boys and I will never forget some great advice I heard her tell one of her little ones.  When she asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he told his Mommy that he wanted to be a garbage collector.  He admired the guys who came around in the big trucks and he wanted to be just like them.  His mother told him how wonderful it was that he wanted to be a garbage man and then came the nugget.  She also told him to be the best garbage man he could ever be!  I have never forgotten that illustration of a mother’s love.  She didn’t freak out at what could have been perceived as a lack of ambition, but rather, spurred her young son on to greatness, no matter what path in life he chose.


My parents were ordinary people who struggled with money and making ends meet.  They were not particularly astute parents and never really gave us inspiration, motivation or good counsel.  I do remember in my senior year of high school my mother told me she wanted me to be better than her.  At the time, being a know-it-all teen, my mental response was that it was not going to be very difficult to achieve that station in life.  Along the road, however, there burned inside me something that told me to be the best at whatever I attempted, and as a paralegal, I excelled greatly, and as a REALTOR®, I was always hungry for success.  That drive has never died, and TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is continually improving the way it does what it does.


Whether you are starting out your career or whether you’ve been practicing real estate for years, the drive to be the best should never die.  Honing your skills, enlarging your capacities, and pushing toward success should always be in the forefront of your profession.  Don’t be a real estate agent who settles into a routine that does not include daily lead generation.  You certainly don’t need to be a real estate agent who sits idly by hoping a customer will wander into your pathway.


If you have a drive to be the best, then you know there are things you must do to achieve that goal.  I would challenge you to review the steps necessary to be the best and to add new steps on a regular basis.  The adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has no place in a real estate career.  You want to better your systems, you want to better your education, and you want to better your practice.  One thing you can do is to take a real estate course.  TEAM Hughes may not even be the answer, but we certainly are the advocates.  Raise your level of understanding, educate yourself, find a course that can help you be the best.  The practice of real estate deserves you to better yourself, and you’ll be glad you did.

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Harry F. D'Elia III
Avant Garde Residential Management Services - Phoenix, AZ
Investor , Mentor, GRI, Radio, CIPS, REOs, ABR

There is always time to take a real estate course to continue to learn the trade.

May 17, 2017 05:35 AM
Carrie Hughes

Thanks, Harry.  I couldn't agree more!

May 17, 2017 06:05 AM