Invest in NW AR Home Farms/ Land Cause God's Not Making Anymore Of It!

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Funny as Realtors we always have heard this quote, "Buy land because they are not making anymore of it" and I have heard it quoted by Mark Twain and Will Rogers.  So,  who originally quoted  this shared sentiment?  Yes Mark Twain quoted it...  I do love studying and observing those wise sayings of old.  If I would have listened to my gut instinct and sayings of old, I would be very wealthy right now and would have invested every dollar I had in real estate instead of the stock market for this very reason.  Well hindsight  going forward, I now advise my clients to start investing in their children and grandchildren's futures with real estate investments.


When I first came to Northwest ARit was a back ground of growing up  inlarge metroplex areas like Houston later in Dallas and Austin.  I saw how urban sprawl provided their farmers, land owners great possibilities  and future return on their investments if not over night, then in their immediate lifetime, or in their heirs.  This is almost true any town you go today that has a minimum population of 30,000 or more, or with at least three or more surrounding cities in a 70 mile radius. I tend to talk in circles, so  I will just come out and say it:


"Real Estsate is your best friend to your pocketbook; land is a natural resource that can provide self sustainable living and truly is the American Dream that REALTORS have been making a "REALity" since the 1900's" I have the vision if you have the credit, patience and the pocketbook!

Investment Alert!  Listing Alert!  Live on Your Land Mini Farm on 12.9 acres in  one of  the fastest growing areas in the nation  located at #20020 Highway 16,  Siloam Springs,AR. in #Northwest Arkansas Homesearch# weather in Siloam Springs changes daily#

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