Seven Real Estate Reasons REALTORS® Can Thank Mom

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In honor of Mother's Day this past weekend - here are some real estate-specific reasons to be thankful for mom if you didn't already have enough :) 

Having good manners is key to being an effective real estate agent. Being courteous with clients is not optional. It’s absolutely crucial to winning new customers and facilitating the sale. Few of us who know how to politely interact with others can honestly say that mom had nothing to do with it. She was probably the number one reason!

Appreciation of homes
What drove you to become a real estate agent? Whether you realize it or not, it may very well have been a deep appreciation for the concept of a home. You might not have grown up in a big, beautiful house. You may have moved around constantly. But when you are approached by a family seeking a new place to live, your own experiences growing up in a loving home come into play.

Your existence
This one’s pretty straightforward. You wouldn’t be here selling homes if your mom hadn’t brought you into this world.

Your education
Whether you were a straight A student or you just barely graduated, you likely have your mom to thank for making sure you stayed in school and got an education. Different parents take different approaches to education. Some put a lot of pressure on children to perform at a certain level. Others prefer to let their kids figure more stuff out on their own. Whatever your parents did, it probably played a large role in shaping the professional you have become.

Your drive to succeed
Where does your ambition come from? It’s very likely a result of the people who raised you. Think about how hard your mom worked to provide for you and raise you.

Many proud REALTORS® would insist that their moms taught them nothing about how to dress. And some of them may be right. But let’s be honest: A lot of us depended on mom to pick out our clothes as kids. She may have taught you how to tie your shoes, put on a tie or accessorize a dress.

An ally
It’s a relief to know that there are a few people in this world that have your back no matter what. You don’t have to work for them to be a part of their “network.” They’ve been with you from the beginning and they’ll be with you till the end. Whether or not you always get along with mom, you know she ultimately is rooting for you. It’s good to have her in your corner.

Anything missing from the list? 


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