Is historic Madison Georgia (pop 3700) an international market?

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Madison Georgia  has been called the #1 small town in America - with a postcard-like downtown, surrounded by bucolic countryside, and one of the largest protected Historic Districts in Georgia.


Some of us were born here (along with generations of our family before) and some of us discovered Madison later in life - but we all agree that the quality of life here is something to be treasured.


You would hardly imagine that a small rural Georgia town would have an international flair...

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Sure, I spent three decades travelling internationally for business - throughout Europe and Asia, especially India and China.


But this week, I realized that my international connections are not done:


Deal one: closing a land tract, with a seller in Bermuda and a buyer just getting home from a business trip to Kuwait,


Deal two: closing a farm sale with sellers living in South Africa and buyers local.


Deal three: negotiating a lakehouse sale with one of my sellers on a business trip in Kenya.


Deal four: helping a European investor look at properties for their agri-business venture.


Thanks to email and e-signatures, plus a bit of patience with time zones - we're getting business done.


Just another day in real estate - international style - in historic Madison, Georgia.

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