Dog-Friendly Homes: Asheville leads the Pack

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It's no secret that Asheville has become a destination of choice for people who love the outdoors, those seeking out a community of artists, and of course, anyone that loves a good local beer.   However, it's not just us humans who are drawn here.  Dogs have caught the news that Asheville is a special place for them too!   Did you know that Asheville, NC has the nation's first Dog Welcome Center?  In fact, so many local businesses cater specifically to our canine companions that your dog is sure to find something to enjoy.

Does your dog love to be social?  There are plenty of dog parks across the area to choose from. My dog and I love to explore the French Broad River Park, where we can walk along the river (on leash) and then head over to the large fenced-in area for some serious play!

Are you looking for dog-friendly hotels and restaurants? Seeking out doggie day care options?  Or perhaps even planning a special day for your pet at a doggie salon or bakery....  Yep, Asheville has it all.  In fact, the city was a recent destination for the "pet-centric food truck" traveling across the country. Yes, that's right - a food truck just for dogs!


What Makes a Dog-Friendly Home? 

Since we haven't kept the secret very well, there is a high demand for housing in the area, but not all homes make great spaces for dogs.

Generally, dog owners will put a fenced-in yard at the top of their wish list.  This is for good reason, since dogs need space to excercise and play!   But if  homes in your price range that don't seem to have the perfect yard you dream of, don't get too discouraged. There are great ways to add fencing in wooded areas or even create your own dog run. Thinking creatively can open up new possibilities in your home search.

Today, there are plenty of home features designed just for dogs.  One of my favorites is an in-home dog-washing station.  These custom baths are such a great way to to keep your dog (and house) clean.  

Check out some other amazing design ideas for your own dog-washing station!

Do you hate having to leave your dog alone during the day?   Why not consider some smart home technology designed so you can interact with your dog when you're not home.   

In addition to video monitoring options available, smart technologies now include ways to track your dog's activities during the day using GPS, and automatic pet feeders that you control with your smartphone.

Many of us are familiar with doggie doors, which allow your dog to go inside and outside freely. Today, doggie doors can include smart features such as automatic locking features, and programmable collars to activate, keeping out stray animals and wildlife!    With all these new features popping up, just imagine what may be in store for our furry friends in the future.


What other dog-friendly home features do you enjoy?   Share in the comments!


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