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Forest Hill TX Streamline Refinance Loan

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Forest Hill Texas FHA Streamline Refinance Loans are a special mortgage product, reserved for homeowners with existing FHA Mortgages . FHA Streamline Refinances are the fastest, simplest way for FHA-insured homeowners to refincnance their respective mortgage into today’s low mortgage rates .


Below are some of the requirements for an FHA streamline:


  •          You must be current on your existing loan with all mortgage payments  made on time for the last year.
  •          You must own the original property and have made at least six montly mortgage payments  before you can qualify for refinancing .
  •          To refinance, you’ll need an FHA-approved lender. If you don’t want to use your current lender, any mortgage lender you choose must be FHA approved.
  •          FHA Streamline Loans do not require an appraisal, but a no-appraisal loan cannot exceed your current loan.
  •          Closing costs must be paid up front or arranged for through a “no-cost” FHA Streamline loan. You may also choose to include the closing costs into your loan by doing a “with appraisal” FHA Streamline Loan. In these cases, you must have enough equity in the home to cover the extra amount.


Forest Hill Texas FHA Streamline Refinance Loans can help homeowners lower  monthly mortgage payments  and  interest rates . If you have a conventional loan you wish to refinance with an FHA Refinancing Loan, you’ll need to apply with the usual credit check , employment verification , debt-to-income ratio requirements and other considerations.


For more information about FHA Streamline loans, please visit the FHA website:




For more information on Forest Hill Texas FHA Streamline Refinance Loans and the surrounding areas, please contact Joy Bates, Senior Mortgage Banker at 817-860-3232, text her at 817-913-5556 or email: joybates@leader1.com or log on to http://legacyfinancial.com and request more information. Joy does loans all over the state of Texas.

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