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There are over 300 communities, neighborhoods, or developments in Naples!  Having knowledge and being familiar with the location of the community, the property types (house, villa, carrige, coach home, condo, or townhome) within each community, and general understanding of the amenities or lifestyle the community offers is critical to helping your clients achieve their goals of finding their dreamhome in their favorite community!  When clients are visiting for an extended weekend or possibly a week, being able to streamline their discovery with maximum efficiency is a win-win for all parties.


With a few details about what a client is looking for, the ability to recommend the top 8-12 communities bassed on details such as: 

  • Lifestyle preference (beach, golf, resort, country club, condo, single family, etc) 
  • Property Type - House, Villa, Carriage/Coach, Condo, Townhome
  • Number of bed/bath
  • If House - pool and spa requirements, single or multi-story
  • If Condo - first floor, top floor, end unit
  • Square Footage
  • Price Range(s)

Will allow for the maxiumum use of their time when discovering their next home!

Knowledge is critical in finding the perfect community and home.  I have heard from cleints who have worked with other professionally licensed realtors who only show them around to 2-4 communities and wonder why they never heard of the many other opportunities that exist!  Realtors have called asking me where communities are located because they have never been to the community and are lost trying to find the listing.  Working with Ryan, you will see anything you want to see!  No rocks left unturned!

For a list of Naples communities, feel free to browse on my personal website at: Every community listed with drive-through vidoes, pictures, community statistics, ammenities, and more will be available to preview online! The site is currently still under construction and it takes a few more seconds to load but will have tweaked and finished in the next month.


Happy surfing!  Send questions anytime!


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