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If you are a person of faith, you most likely make prayer a matter of one of your daily practices.  If you are a person with high control issues, one of your daily practices may be to check your credit cards and banking balances to make sure you are in control of them.  If you are a parent with children still at home, you may make a daily practice of telling your children you love them.  If you are a REALTOR® or a real estate agent, one of your daily practices should be to contact someone.  After all, this is a people business.


When you first begin your real estate career, all the trainers, brokers, managers and leaders with whom you come in contact are going to tell you to contact everyone you know in your personal and in your business life.  This is known as your sphere of influence, and it is the basic tenet of getting started in the practice of real estate.


When I first began a real estate career in 1983, I knew someone who was retiring and wanted to get rid of all her “baby poop” gold garb.  As a newbie with Century 21, I was excited to be the recipient of career wear, and I wore every piece with pride.  My gal pals could not understand why I wore my vest and name tag when we went out socially.  They threatened to stop going out with me if I didn’t wear “civilian” clothes because invariably, the evenings turned into talks of business.  Wearing Century 21 clothing was a daily practice that I only missed to attend to church.


In retrospect, I admit I was over the top some in wearing my career apparel so often.  I couldn’t help it, though.  I was addicted to the idea of being a REALTOR® and I wanted everyone I met to know!  I recall in my very first training session, I was taught to never be a “secret agent,” and I took it to the next level.


In your real estate career, it’s important to do something as one of your daily practices.  For some, it is assigning a 2-hour block to phone calling or door knocking.  For others, it is a daily practice to spend time learning from professionals for a couple of hours via You Tube or Webinars.  Then there are others who use one of their daily practices to create marketing campaigns for the listings they acquire.


Whatever your daily practices include, be sure to focus on accomplishing them regularly.  The practice of real estate can be a “hit or miss” career, and there are ways to make it more consistent.  The key is to put daily practices into play.  Set up systems, checks and balances, and daily practices, and you won’t forget to do something important.  TEAM Hughes Real Estate School wants you to succeed so let us know where we can help.  Our systems are designed so that you receive the same quality education at each campus from each instructor.  Contact us for more information.

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Randy Hilman REALTOR® Associate Broker
Randy Hilman Homes in partnership with Bean Group - Moultonborough, NH
Guide & Mentor to Home Buyers & Sellers

Good morning Carrie Hughes.  It's about developing good habits and setting them on autopilot. The key word, of course, is "developing".  Experts say it takes between 30 and 60 days to create a habit.  One habit I'm working on is logging in to AR every morning and reading a minimum of four blogs to which I respond by 7:30 a.m. Motivational blogs like yours this morning give me the mental equivilent of talking points to apply to my daily activities. Your my last response this morning.  Now I am ready to begin calling clients.  Thank you.

May 26, 2017 04:39 AM
Carrie Hughes

Wow!  I loved your comments, Randy!  What a great way to start the day.  Thank you so much for sharing.  By the way, I am a former Rochester, NH resident!  Miss New England terribly, except for the cold and snow!  LOL

May 26, 2017 05:19 AM