Don’t Be Afraid of Change

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TEAM Hughes Real Estate School was asked last year to open a real estate school in Daphne, AL at a Keller Williams Office.  At the time, our main Pensacola campus was also in a Keller Williams Office, and it seemed like the right thing to do.  We kept telling ourselves, “don’t be afraid of change” even though every fiber within us told us not to do it.  One year later, and we know that we do not want to be in Alabama.  Alabama is a nice state, and their Real Estate Commission is excellent.  Our reasons for not wanting to be there are numerous and to make a long story short, we ended up with an Orange Beach campus that we never asked for, an instructor we never pursued, and a myriad of headaches I personally did not want to deal with.


I must tell myself, “don’t be afraid of change.”  TEAM Hughes is a business and like any other business, change is scary, but I refuse to be afraid of it.  We concluded recently that it was in our best interests to shut down all of our Alabama operations, and once a decision is made, we must follow through on it.  We have learned through our Alabama experience that (1) our hearts remain securely intact in Florida; (2) Keller Williams was not a good fit for our school; and (3) our growth potentials lie eastward into the Florida panhandle and throughout the state of Florida.


Don’t be afraid of change.  Change can be painful, but it can also grow you.  Change is necessary for one to become successful.  Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing.


We can’t really say we’ll miss being in Alabama, although it was a pleasure meeting some truly wonderful people.  I personally learned a lot more about teaching real estate, and was happy to interact with the people in the Alabama Real Estate Commission.  The school grew a bit from our experience as well, but in the long run and all things considered, we learned it is difficult to stay on top of operations an hour away from a campus.


Once again, we say goodbye to Keller Williams and we wish them well.  We are still happy to teach any Florida students they may want to send us.  They, as well as you, can find us tucked neatly into our campuses at Coldwell Banker offices throughout the Panhandle of Florida.  Students may still take Alabama courses online, but for those of you who wish to obtain a Florida real estate license, we are still the best real estate school around, so let us know how we can help you achieve your dreams!  Don’t be afraid of change.  Instead, embrace it, challenge it and grow from it.

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