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Statistics say that most people renting feel they cannot qualify to own their own home. That is not true. There are many programs that can help those renting get into a home with very little down and more often than not the house payment will be less than their current rent payment.

If buyers have employment, some savings (You dont have to have 20% down), and established credit

(It does not have to be perfect) there are programs available. Find  clients that are renting & get them pre-approved. Though there is a lack of inventory at this moment, you know as well as I that when a home hits the market it is usually multiple offers. Have the buyer ready and if they can qualify for more than one program, example FHA and Conventional then in a multiple offer situation you have the ability to switch financing options to make their offer more attractive to the seller.

**Tip for making your offer stand out in a multiple offer situation: have the purchaser write a letter to the seller as to why they want to purchase their home. It gives a warmth to the offer. "Your yard is like the home I grew up in, my relatives live around the corner, I went to school here and I would like my children to grow up in the area I did etc."

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