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Graduations are all around us and at every ceremony you hear advice to youth that is supposed to make some sort of change in the direction of many of the graduates.  Young people are told to go forward and to set the world on fire, to make changes that will ultimately change the world around them.  Some advice to youth is to go on to a greater education, to be become someone important.


My outlook, however, is a bit different.  I graduated high school at age 17 in 1966 and was not one of those kids bound for college.  As a matter of fact, at 43, I began what seemed to be an unsurmountable quest for a college degree in 1992, which took 13 years to complete so that I finally received a Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education and Development.  I say this not to boast, but because it has a huge impact on my advice to youth.  During my adulthood, I went through having babies, having husbands and having jobs.  I became a survivor and it was much later in life that I learned I wasn’t satisfied with surviving.  I wanted to embrace my deepest passions, to “arrive” so that I could finish the journey.  Then, I learned I would never arrive and finishing the journey was tantamount to finishing life, and that did not agree with me.


The young people who are graduating this season are about to begin their journey that will allow them to embrace their passions.  My advice to youth is to set a goal and to begin moving toward it, whether college is the necessary vehicle or starting a career in the workforce is what is needed.  TEAM Hughes Real Estate has been getting inquiries from recent graduates and parents on behalf of their adult children about starting a career in real estate at such a young age.  The state of Florida requires a licensee to be 18, so if the state of Florida recognizes an 18-year old as being qualified to practice real estate, why shouldn’t we?  Personally, I think a young person who has energy and motivation to succeed can be successful in real estate, and I never discourage a young person because of their age.  My advice to youth is to jump on the bandwagon now while the market is still so active. 


Some critics may think my advice to youth is not solid.  They may think graduates should get back into school and work toward a degree, but college is not attainable for some, and a real estate career could help make college a reality.  My advice to youth is to just do it.  Get a real estate license and take advantage of the market.  It is a career you can use your entire life and still follow more dreams.  Contact TEAM Hughes and let us help get you started on the next phase of your life.  We would love to encourage you and help with a plan of action.

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