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North Georgia Healthcare

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Healthcare has been in the headlines for, well … as long as there has been healthcare.  Measuring the quality of facilities is a challenge, as it’s difficult to assign an objective number with so many variables in play.  Thus, we’ll defer to only a single “best” list in favor of broader discussion.

Availability of nearby quality healthcare is vital to a community and its residents’ peace of mind.  This becomes an increasingly important factor as one approaches retirement.

North Georgia offers a broad variety of medical services, from hospitals, medical centers & trauma centers of every level, to outpatient facilities & walk-in urgent care clinics.

Of the 10 Best Hospitals in Georgia, seven are in North Georgia, the others in Augusta, Macon & Savannah.  Each has strengths in various specialties.  When one is in need of critical care for a specific condition, proximity to a facility obviously becomes less of a factor in seeking the best available treatment.

Four major heathcare systems cover North Georgia, with 3 of the 4 concentrated in different northern sections of the state.

Emory facilities are sited on a less regional basis, with newer centers surrounding Atlanta.

Northside has expanded to the northeast from its north Atlanta / Sandy Springs hub.

Piedmont originated in the heart of Atlanta, but it has expanded into the east & south. 

Wellstar is currently the primary provider in northwestern Georgia. 

Expansion might take place at a more accelerated pace were it not for the Certificate of Need (CON) program.  A healthcare institution’s CON application must demonstrate that a market is underserved for services they propose their facility to offer, and their addition will not create unnecessary duplication. 

Such applications can result in lawsuits & delay, with one or more competing providers opposing a new entrant into a market they claim to adequately serve.  Providers often simply purchase existing medical practices to bypass the CON process.

Other hospitals & health systems not owned by the four largest providers include Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, DeKalb Medical, Gwinnett Medical Center & Atlanta Medical Center.

In this list of all Georgia Hospitals some links no longer function.  If a link to a facility of interest does not properly connect, try a Google search by name to determine if the center perhaps closed or merely changed its website.

As North Georgia’s population increases we can expect to see ever-expanding health care systems, providing improved services for all.


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