Top reasons people are moving to Jacksonville Florida

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Just found out you'll be moving to Jacksonville Florida?  Not to worry... you'll love it here!

It can be highly stressful moving to a new city where you don't know your way around or have a large support network of friends and family, but you are starting off with a fantastic location of Jacksonville.

Jobs are Available and a Growing Economy

We have been noted as a top city for Millenials searching for their first jobs and recently a #7 in the country for job seekers.  The job growth is brought on by a diverse economy with many sectors thriving including tech, health care, logistics, and of course the military naval base.  

Outdoors Lifestyle

When not working, you should be playing right!?!?  With the amount of sunshine we have, you'll almost feel guilty not taking advantage of everyday that you can.  Surfing, swimming, beach cruising, road biking, mountain biking (we have a good park), running, golfing, etc.. it's easy to be outside doing what you love when the sun is shining like it does here in Jacksonville!

Affordable Living

Our real estate in Jacksonville is highly affordable compared to most of the large cities in Florida.  We have entry level, near beach houses available in the $200's, and top school districts will put you in the mid $200's and up.  Maybe you want to live in a golf community or a gated community in Jacksonville, where prices start at the mid $300's.  Overall it's an affordable place to live with low housing prices, no state income taxes, and an overall easy way of life.  

Top Rated Education

We have good schools and bad schools... who doesn't.  BUT we also have 2 of the top high schools in the country.  Paxon and Stanton are both routinely honored with being a top 10 or top 20 school.  They are both magnet schools that all students have the ability to apply to attend.  There are additional magnet high schools as well as feeder middle and elementary magnet schools.  In addition to magnet schools, many are top rated "A" schools.  The trick is finding the right area where you children will attend A rated schools all the way through.  We also have nationally recognized private schools with long standing traditions of excellence in both academics and sports.  In the state of Florida, our suburb of St Johns is usually the top rated or in the top 3 best school districts overall.  Great education is available and this definitely affects your resale value... know the school grades!

Water Access is Everywhere

Jacksonville has 3 distinct bodies of water, the St Johns River, the Intracoastal, and the Atlantic Ocean.  As you can imagine, these are popular locations to live, but everywhere within the Jacksonville area has easy access to any of these waterways.  If you are boating, kayaking, standup paddle boarding, kite surfing, surfing, water skiing, fishing... etc., you'll have access via many of the public ramps around town.  What makes it even better is the near year round access.  I've fished every month of the year, and even wake boarded with a wet suit during the winter months.  

The Wrap Up

I love living in Jacksonville, in fact I'm a "rebounder".  We've raised kids in Jacksonville, we've lived all over town and in the 'burbs (real estate agent), and we can't imagine living anywhere else.  If you'd like info on moving to Jacksonville, by all means feel free to reach out to me here:  Brad Officer, Jacksonville Realtor.


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