Five Mistakes Home Buyers often Make...

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5 Mistakes Home Buyers Often Make


 Beginning the search for a home without consulting a lender…

When you go shopping for groceries, clothing, or even a car, you have an idea of just how much you can spend.  Your budget determines whether you buy steak, caviar and champagne or stick to the basics of the four food groups.  It determines functional versus frivolous attire and financing a Maserati or a Mini-Van. Before you begin your search, get your ducks in a row with your finances and make sure that you look only in the price range you can afford.  Go local for your lender.  It is best to deal in person and establish a relationship that you feel comfortable with.


Having an unattainable wish list…

Why do people build custom homes?  Because they want to realize every item on their wish list.  When looking at existing homes, it is unlikely that any of them will have 100% of your desired features.  Pick three things that you absolutely must have, (three bedrooms, garage, living on one level) and be flexible with the rest of your list.  You could pass on the perfect home because it was only 99% of what you want.  Remember, paint covers paint and tile can replace carpet. 


Picking the house without investigating the neighborhood…

Sometimes, what looks like exactly the house you think you want is not really where you want to live.  The old adage, “No man is an island” truly applies.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Is there a car crushing facility just several blocks away?  Are you on a main thoroughfare with traffic at all times of the day and night? Are you in a flood zone?  Do you back up to the Interstate?  Are you surrounded by three different school zones that are going to add about 25 minutes to your daily commute?  How far do you have to travel to reach stores, restaurants and other retail outlets?  No matter how perfect the home, your life is lived outside of it as well.


Bringing along family, friends and nosy neighbors on your search…

If you are buying your home without financial help from anyone but your lender, do your search without people who are not financially invested in it.  You need to be focused on the features of the home that work or do not work for you and not worried about which bedroom Aunt Grace wants, why cousin Dave would never buy this house, that it is too far away for your mom to be able to stop in and have coffee every morning or that the garage is not large enough to store your brother’s motorcycles.  Although they mean well, everyone has an opinion and they are often looking out for themselves more than they are looking out for you.


Not using a Realtor…

There is a misconception that you pay more for a property if you use a Realtor or that you save money by using the agent who has the property listed.  Not true.  Would you use your opponent’s attorney and expect to get the best representation?  Find a realtor who you relate to and feel comfortable with and then let them navigate you through the process.  You have no idea what you don’t know until you find out the hard way.  It truly can feel like you are in the Twilight Zone when you try to go it alone. Your Realtor negotiates for you, guides you through all the steps that make your purchase successful and has your best interests at heart. If you are looking at Open Houses or new construction, keep your Realtor’s business card with you and give it to the agents at the properties.  Your Realtor is looking out for your best interests and has the knowledge and experience to make this journey a pleasant one.

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William Feela
Realtor, Whispering Pines Realty 651-674-5999 No.

All of these are real common place even with all the info out there

Jun 06, 2017 07:38 AM
Belinda Spillman
Aspen Lane Real Estate Colorful Colorado - Aurora, CO
Colorado Living!

Very good list.  Not using a Realtor is just plain dumb if you ask me.

Jun 06, 2017 09:35 AM
Anna "Banana" Kruchten

What you don't play your own dentist or chiropractor Belinda Spillman  LOL

Jun 06, 2017 05:31 PM
Anna "Banana" Kruchten
HomeSmart Real Estate - Phoenix, AZ

Marnie all excellent points for home buyers. Well done!

Jun 06, 2017 05:31 PM
Fred Griffin Florida Real Estate
Fred Griffin Real Estate - Tallahassee, FL
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

     Investigating the neighborhood.  What if there are large areas of vacant land nearby, or older shopping centers and malls... what might become of that land, or those shopping centers?  Go to County Permitting and find out!

Aug 03, 2017 06:38 PM