How to Set the Mood for Listings

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Written by: Michelle Gansler, Realtor with the Real Estate Muses


This past week I was touring homes with a buyer of mine and I want to share a few things that make or break a listing appointment.  Let's put this in a Do/Don't format shall we?


Do: Light some candles and spray some light air freshener.

Don't: Spray over powering floral scents over every square inch of your home.

Even though I feel that this one is pretty self explanatory, I will go into a little detail.  Lighting candles instantly adds warmth to a room - no, not heat warmth, but heart warmth.  It makes it homey and that helps buyers put themselves into the role of future owner.  By spraying an over powering scent through out the home, you are making people wonder what you are trying to cover up.  Plus it will just make them move through the house faster so they can get away from the smell.


Do: Turn on all lights and open the blinds.

Don't: Well, the opposite of the Do.

As a seller, you want to present your home in the best way possible.  Light and airy is a GREAT feature!  If one or a couple of your windows faces the neighbors house, just open them enough to let the light in and sort of block the view.  If the windows are dirty (especially the back door and front door windows) please clean them before the showing.  These things are just cosmetic, I know, but it turns off a buyer when they see dirty because they wonder how well you actually cared for the home as a whole.


Do: Leave out a list of upgrades and a copies of the sellers disclosure and listing.

Don't: Stay in the home and follow the buyer around answering questions.

I know that this one most of all is a touchy subject.  BUT, DO NOT STAY IN YOUR HOME FOR A SHOWING!  You want the buyer to feel like this is their future home and they can't do that with you in it.  They are going to rush through the home and can't get a feel for the space because they want to not inconvenience you.  Have your agent make a pretty flyer that you can stick in a frame and put on your kitchen counter or entry table that points out all of the amazing features of the home.  Even better, also have extra copies that the buyer can take with them so that they remember your home and all of the wonderful things you have added.


Do: Clean your house before a showing - like model home clean.

Don't: Leave your counters cluttered and dirty clothes or toys laying around on the floor.

Seriously, I can't tell you how many houses that I have walked and thought "oh my, they don't really want to sell".  You live in your home completely differently when you are selling then when you are just living there. When your stuff is cluttering the counters in your kitchen and/or bathrooms it makes your home seem like there is not enough storage space.  If rooms like unkept then buyers don't even want to go into them.  Like I said earlier, if it looks dirty then buyers wonder what else could be wrong.


Do: Remove too many personal photos and memorabilia.

Don't: Leave all your family photos up on the walls and all your sports/work/toy memorabilia out.

I just walked through a home where all the buyers could do was look at the family photos on the wall.  "Awe! What a cute baby", "That vacation spot looks GREAT", and "They really like the San Antonio Spurs" are not really the comments you are looking for from potential buyers.  You want them to say "That kitchen has great space", "Look at the size of that master", and "I can definitely see my couch going here".  When it is your pictures they are still thinking of it as your home and are not picturing themselves living there - because you are living there.  


I hope that these tips help you out.  There are so many more that I go into, but that's why you get a Real Estate agent.  If you are interested in selling your San Antonio area home, please go to my website and we can schedule some time to sit down and go through all of the services I can offer you.  Services from marketing to staging and more!

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Joan Cox
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Michelle, great advice for the floral sprays, as it gets way too heavy and buyers wonder what a homeowner is covering up!  

Jun 09, 2017 01:43 PM