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Build Credit Faster

Real Estate Agent with Michael Saunders & Company

We have a 6 step system to improve and increase your credit score!

1.  Pull your credit

2.  Evaluate your credit with a loan professional.

3.  WWW.optoutprescreen.com    (no junk mail)

4.  Make sure you have proper trade lines   (Credit cards that report daily or weekly)

5.  Basic disputing  (Remove negative or incorrect items on credit report)

6. Advanced disputing (settlement plans, payment plans, negotiations)


You can increase your credit score by following the instructions we provide.  We offer professional help with steps 5 & 6 from the nations largest risk management company and the nations largest legal service provider.  For $26.95 to $35.95 a month you can work with professionals who make this process faster and more efficient.

Interested but want to talk with real agents already using the program from Indy, Florida, Chicago, San Diego?   Join our conference call every Sunday evening.  Times noted are Northern Indiana Time.


Conference call today 4:30 - 5:30pm  1-712-432-1620  access code 653469#, introduce and press 6 to mute/unmute.
4:30 - 5:00pm (associates) - We will talk briefly about the May promotions.  We will also have about 20 minutes of questions from you.  Please come to the call with something to chat about.  Let's learn from each other.
5:00 - 5:30pm (everyone) - 6 step overview.  How to create a buyers pool.  Invite anyone interested in creating a buyers pool and thus writing more business.  Go through your contacts right now, and send out some invitations!




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