My Best Idea Yet

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As I was sitting at home the other day, I was thinking about our current real estate market.  Of course, it seems all I do is thinking about real estate.  Anyway, I came up with a great idea to help improve the value of your home and all it requires you to do is one simple thing.  TURN OFF YOUR TV!!!!  Think about it, all of the negativity that the media sends out about the current market is really depressing.  Yes, things are bad for some people and the market isn't as hot as it once was but this is not the end of the world.  I was talking with a fellow agent in my office and she was telling me how she had read an arcticle in the paper about 5 different families that had lost their homes.  They were big articles that went into great detail.  On the same page, there was one success story.  It was about a family who was able to save their home, but it was a small article.  Are you understanding what I am trying to say here?  The media spends more time on negative stories than positive stories because negativity sells.  It is as simple as that.  Think about this, we all watch buildings burn or cars get into wrecks, watch cops on TV for hours or the worlds worst drivers, but would we spend the same amount of time watching people doing random acts of kindness?  I guess to me it all makes sense and I see the number constantly.  Things aren't that bad for us in Oregon and we should be happy about that.  If you want to know exactly what is going on in your area, contact me today and I will let you know.  Enjoy your day.





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