6 of the Summer’s Hottest Marketing Tips for REALTORS®

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Summer is upon us! The hottest time of the year for listings differs based on your market, but it’s safe to say that the end of spring and beginning of summer are very active just about wherever you are. Families are desperate to get moved before the school year starts and those in cold climates don’t want to deal with moving in the dead of winter.

Now is the time to boost your marketing efforts to try to get a piece of the last big wave of sales that are likely coming in June, July and August. Here are a number of things to consider.

Contact past clients

Anytime you’re thinking of spending a lot of time and money trying to expand your network, remember that the most efficient way to gain new business is through your existing contacts. Reaching out to former clients for referrals is the most effective way to land leads. A satisfied former customer does not need any convincing to direct a friend or family member to you –– but he/she does need to be reminded.

Personal emails to former clients is a good bet. A one or two line message asking how the new home is going and reminding them to direct anybody in need of REALTOR® services to you will do the trick. Firing off 50 emails like that shouldn’t actually take that much time –– a few hours, perhaps. But it’s time well-spent.

Buy Facebook ads

Facebook ads are likely one of the most effective way to boost your name recognition. If you do your Facebook marketing right, not only will you gain some leads directly from people clicking through the ad to your site, but many who don’t click on your ad will nevertheless think of your name when they do need a REALTOR® in the future.

Use GIFs

If you want your paid and unpaid social media content to grab more people’s attention, just think about what the most successful websites do to get clicks and shares. Come up with some funny GIFs that make light of subjects that you are an authority on: house-hunting, mortgages, renovation etc.

Create a listicle of fun summer activities

If you do this one right, it should get shared like crazy on social media. Come up with the best things to do in the area –– swimming pools, festivals, state parks –– and try to tie as many as possible to different neighborhoods where people might be seeking a home.

Create a local real estate quiz

Another way to grab people’s attention is to develop a quiz based on the local real estate market that you put on your website and share on social media.

Matthew Bushery of Inbound Marketing described two different types of quizzes that can draw in potential clients: A light-hearted one focused on fun facts about the area or one that tests the quiz-taker on the intricacies of buying and selling a home. The first showcases your connection to the area while the second type shows potential clients that the real estate business might not be so easy to navigate without assistance.

Create video series profiling different neighborhoods

One of the best ways to become a recognizable brand online is to regularly produce video content featuring –– you guessed it –– yourself. One compelling way to showcase your appreciation and understanding of the local market is to do a short video profiling each neighborhood, showing the different types of houses, businesses and public amenities. Any history or other insight you can add to make it more interesting and less blatantly promotional is a plus!

Am I missing anything here? Is Summer the best time of year for sales in your market? 

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