Virginia NEW Home Inspections - Effective July 1

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     Effective July 1, 2017, any new residential home (up to four units) will require a newly Virginia icensed home inspector to also be trained and licensed to perform inspections on NEW homes. Note that ANY home inspection after July 1 in Virginia can only be performed by a home inspector licensed by Virgina. Any previously active Virginia Certified  home inspector will be grandfathered and provided a license to practice in the state.

     The issue at hand for Home Inspectors and Realtors is that currently only 30 inspectors have taken the training to allow them to inspect new homes in the state. The problem is severalfold, but basically there has only been one training provider approved by DPOR (the state licensing board), and many home inspectors are not comfortable with a sole-source training provider. Many past training providers are not stepping up to be approved and offer the training for a variety of reasons.

     The impact will be that on and after July 1 , only licensed New Residential Structure (NRS) inspectors can inspect a new home, prior to the transfer of title. So for a new home buyer or Realtor trying to locate an inspector  licensed for new homes, the task may be daunting and end up costing more money than expected depending on the demand and limited pool of newly licensed inspectors.

     The law was derived from VA bill HB2103 in the 2015 session, submitted by Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R) from Richmond, based on demands from the Virginia Home Builders' lobbyists, claiming that inspectors were making ridiculous statements for items that had no bearing on state building code requirements. The purpose of the bill was claimed to make home inspectors more educated in building codes and thus eliminate bogus statements that scared purchasers and required home builders to have to explain why the home inspector did not know that they had mis-stated the facts and proper design and implementation of a system or component of the new home. And as one state senator (who like most receives funds from the Virginia Home Builders)  stated, "the bill promotes the protection of the public buying the home".

     In our monthly meeting of home inspectors, several of us are reaching out to the Governor, lawmakers  and training providers in order to see if we can get the implementation date put on hold until multiple providers can be located and approved, and the interested pool of home inspectors trained and licensed.

     Having a pool of licensed inspectors that are available is a necessary component of a healthy and  functioning real estate and home inspection industry.

     I'll update my blog as things progress towards the July 1 implementation date.

Joan Cox
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Donald, good news for our industry, and hope Colorado follows suit in the near future.  

Jun 15, 2017 09:15 AM
Donald A. Masters
Master Home & Building Inspections, LLC - Rockville, MD

This was not something Realtors in Virginia asked for.  Builders do not want their homes inspected and spent tons to get this implemented.  It does not help the public as written and implemented.

Jun 15, 2017 09:21 AM