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One important aspect of any home buying or selling process is the inspections. Inspections are something that are extremely important for both sides of the deal. On the buyer side you can find out pretty much anything wrong with the home if you have a fairly competent home inspector, or for that matter appliances that may stop working sometime in the near future like a water heater for example. On the sellers side if you get a home inspection you can find out what, if any, big issues exist in your home.

Let me be clear you should ALWAYS get a home inspection!! I can not stress this enough to you guys! Imagine for a moment you are a first time home buyer and you find the perfect house and you decide to pass on the home inspections for whatever reason. Now flash forward 5 years and your house is full of mold and you have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars on mold remediation! All of this could have been avoided as a home inspector would have found a leak in the roof or a faucet that leaks! Home inspections are extremely easy all you do is set up a scheduled appointment and meet the inspector at the property.

As a Realtor I like to go to the home inspection appointments for a few reasons. The first is that I almost always learn something new about homes and what problem areas may look like. The second is that it is always good to hear what the inspectors say, so that I can calm down potential homeowners. For example one inspector may say "This water heater probably has 10 years left before you need to start worrying about it." And what new homeowners often hear is "Your water heater will break in 10 years and will need to be replaced." So it is always easier for me and my clients if there is another person who understands what the inspector is saying. 

The actual inspection is pretty easy, it usually lasts about an hour or two for normal sized homes. Once the inspection is over the inspector will have a list of everything that may be a problem now or in the future. It is pretty in depth and very easy to understand which makes it nice. There are other inspections that you can have done including a stucco inspection, it just depends on what you want done to the home. 

I know inspections can be a stressful time and when you are buying an older home there will almost certainly be something that will pop up that will stress you out! Just remain calm you can ask sellers to fix certain items. That all happens in the negotiating period of a sale. An important piece of advice from me is to realize that unless it is a new construction home there will almost always be something that needs to be fixed in a home! Unfortunately as hard as you might try no home will stay in perfect condition.

I hope this helped at least one person who read it who might be going through the inspection period or who may soon go through the inspection period! As always if you have any questions you can email me at or if you ever want to talk about real estate and the home buying or selling process give me a call at 301-788-7025! I also love working with referrals so if you know of anyone looking to buy or sell in the Philadelphia area please let me know! Thanks for reading!

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William Feela
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Inspections are very important and you need to hire someone that will look at the issues honestly. 

Jun 15, 2017 10:04 AM
John Pusa
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Kurtis Valett This is very good helpful report about inspections.

Jun 15, 2017 10:04 AM